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Apple iPad Air Launched | Review | Specs | Price

Apple iPad Air

Apple's fifth generation iPad has been launched after several rumors and leaks, which was expected to be called the iPad 5, but Apple stop using numbers behind their iPad tablets and now it is known as iPad Air.

Apple iPad Air is 43% smaller, 7.5-mm thin and light in weigh just 1-pound. Many hardware changes come across fourth generation iPad. The iPad Air has a 9.7-inch Retina Display. It looks like Apple trying to present smaller and lighter tablets to the people, with the launch of iPad Air, new iPad Mini also made many new changes.

According to specs, iPad Air is powered by Apple's 64-bit A7 processor chip, which was first introduced in iPhone 5S. Apple's A7 chip make iPad Air 72 times faster than the previous iPad tablet. The iPad Air comes with a 5-MP ( Megapixel ) iSight camera that can record Full HD 1080p video and a new Facetime HD camera. The iPad Air features dual microphones, MIMO Wi-Fi and LTE support.

Apple iPad Air is now available in silver white and grey black colors across U.S, U.K, Japan and China countries. You can buy 16 GB W-Fi model at $499 and 16 GB Wi-Fi+4G model at $629.

Apple's iPad 5 high resolution photos show off | Review

Apple's iPad 5 Back Cover
Image Source: Sonny Dickson

World is waiting for Apple to unveil its two new tablets, the fifth-generation iPad 5 and second-generation iPad mini this month on October 22 in press conference. 

The Apple's next iPad is wrap off with its designed looks that appears in high-resolution photos casing in two space gray and silver color. It also shows the tablets' from various angles, back casing, sides, and interior parts of tablet have appeared online.

iPad 5 Top Right Corner

These high resolution photos have been seen first time on web, we have already seen same color component. In-between the space gray color was first introduced in iPhone 5s in last month September. This color is replace with black color that previously appeared in Apple products.

iPad 5 Camera

The new photos shows a thinner, and smaller model with unchanged 9.7-inch Retina display. We also expecting, iPad mini will get big upgrades like display, processor and more upgrades.
MGI ( My Gadgets Info ) will cover upcoming breaking-news on October 22, in meantime stay connected.

Direct Download Apple Official iOS6 | Available For All Series Of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV

Direct download Apple ios6 Firmware Links

Here are the Direct download Links of Apple iOS6 the most advanced mobile operating system for all series of iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and for other Apple iOS products. As you all know Apple iOS update contains over 200 new features but i'm not showing features here.

Free Download Pandora Radio 1.0 | For BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone, Windows, Mac

 Pandora Radio

Pandora Radio is the most popular free Application for BlackBerry, iPad, iPhone now this App available to Windows, Mac also.

Apple iPad Mini | Features | Full Specifications | Price

Apple iPad Mini Features
This latest news  comes from a report from a Chinese online portal named Netease which reveals that the smaller version of the iPad (iPad mini) is already under production and will come to market in the third quarter.

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad | Download | Review

Google made some waves today when it announced that the Chrome Browser was coming to the Apple iPhone and iPad. The new Chrome Browser for iOS is very similar to the version available for Android 4.0 ICS devices, and offers advanced features like syncing with other computers and mobile devices that use Chrome.

Amazon Cloud Player App | Free Download | Price

Free Download Amazon Cloud Player app for iphone and ipad

Free Download Amazon Cloud Player For iPad and iPhone

7-inch iPad Tablet Arrives In October?

The rumours about a small screen iPad tablet have been around for quite some time and these rumours began to gain steam late last year when Apple saw just what a success Amazon had with their Kindle Fire during the Christmas shopping season.

Logitech’s Solar Powered iPad Keyboard Folio

Logitech is well known for their peripheral devices and today, the company brings its latest offering for the iPad.

20 Ways to ‘Recycle’ Your Obsolete iPad 2

In case you haven’t heard, Apple released a new iPad today, instantly rendering any tablet other than this shiny, Retina display miracle obsolete.
We’ve got a few iPad 2′s lying around, but frankly we’re just too embarrassed to be seen using them now that we have colleagues running around with the new iPad. That got us thinking about how you can repurpose your outdated tablet if you haven’t already sold it for parts.

Here Are the 24 Retina-Ready iPad Apps Available Now

If you’ve been wondering which apps, besides Apple’s, are going to be ready to take advantage of the new iPad’s Retina display tomorrow morning, wonder no longer.

Here’s the official list of Retina-ready third-party apps that will be ready for you to download as soon as your iPad lands on your doorstep, or you snag it from your local Apple Store.
Apps that are now live and updated for Retina display are:

Apple iPad 3 On Sale March 16th 8AM

You really can’t get any more precise then this when you say that Apple’s next generation iPad 3 will go on sale this Friday, March 16th at 8 AM local time. This is at least according to retail signage that was discovered earlier today, with images subsequently uploaded onto the Internet.

iPad 3 Pre-Orders Available At RadioShack

When Apple releases a new product, it generally means that strong profits from the device will be enjoyed by all retailers of the device and as such, being amongst the first to be able to offer it to your customers will be of even more importance.

Apple Unveils 4G iPad with Quad-Core Graphics and Retina Display

Apple pulled back the curtain on its next generation of consumer products in San Francisco on Wednesday, revealing a quad-core GPU, 4G version of the iPad — complete with the rumored “Retina Display” — and a 1080p update to its Apple TV box.
While the new device specs and features didn’t stray far from the whirlwind of speculation that led up to today’s event, there was one conspicuous absence — new version numbers. The new tablet is called “the new iPad,” not the iPad 3.

A 7.1-Inch Apple iPad Being Developed

Over the past few weeks and months leading up to today’s Apple event, we have reported that Apple was considering launching tablets that would have smaller screens. Not only would this offer more choice for Apple fans, but it would also address the growing threat put forward by smaller tablets.

iPad HD – Apple’s New Tablet?

All eyes will be on San Francisco next week to see just what Apple plans on unveiling. The next generation iPad is all but confirmed, but will they have any other devices that they will bring forward?
There are a number of bets being placed on what additional hardware will show up.

Keyboard Patent Shows How Apple Could Make MacBooks Even Thinner

Apple is like the Vogue of the tech world. Not only are its models some of the best-looking and most fashionable — they also seem to just keep getting skinnier and skinnier.
A new patent application filing from the Cupertino company certainly doesn’t do anything to deter this trend. The patent, called

Microsoft Office For Apple’s Ipad Arrives “Soon”

Apple owns a sizable chunk of the mobile market and even though Microsoft has quite a ways to go before it can complete in terms of number of devices in the hands of consumers, there is a way that they can get a slice of Apple’s lucrative market. For quite some time now, there has been discussion on whether

More Evidence Of iPad 3 Retina Display?

One of the features that is touted for the upcoming iPad 3 is a Retina display. This is something that has been spoken about at length over the past few months and even without today’s report, the Retina display is something that is all but a given in Apple’s next generation tablet.

Tactical iPad Cover

Ever heard of Flying Circle Bags? No? Neither have I, but the rather fun-named company is a key supplier of field, tactical and travel bags to the US military. This is serious business, and when they roll out the Tactical iPad Cover, you know that they are not kidding about maximizing the use of your iPad. After all, this multi-functional iPad accessory is touted to be a force multiplier for not only the iPad 2, but its predecessor as well.