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King's Candy Crush Saga Releasing for Amazon Kindle Fire Soon

Candy Crush Saga

King's sweetest game app "Candy Crush Saga" is going to release for all Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet soon. In simple words, hello game lovers, get Candy Crush Saga on your Amazon Appstores.

The game will available in selected territories followed by worldwide to download for free for kindle devices from October 17 on Amazon Appstores. The game is already available on iTunes, Google Play and Facebook. This popular Candy Crush Saga is the most irresistible game in the world, where more than 53 million daily players enjoying it.

The most addictive game Candy Crush Saga have more than 400 challenging levels, where players can sync it with their Facebook accounts, through which you can access and continue your progress on any device.

"We've had such positive feedback from players regarding King's first Kindle Fire title, Bubble Witch Saga, that we now feel the time is right to bring Candy Crush Saga to Kindle Fire fans. The Kindle Fire is a great device with which to enjoy the Candy Crush Saga gameplay and, with levels regularly added by the King team, we hope to keep Kindle Fire owners entertained every day," Tommy Palm, Games Guru at King

Amazon Cloud Player App | Free Download | Price

Free Download Amazon Cloud Player app for iphone and ipad

Free Download Amazon Cloud Player For iPad and iPhone

Amazon brings Instant Video streaming service to the Xbox 360


Amazon has launched their Instant Video streaming service on the Xbox 360. The move comes just one month after Sony did the same thing on the PS3, allowing users to access their purchased or currently rented content from Amazon directly on the game console.

Amazon Selling Ad Space On Kindle Fire Welcome Screen

All public companies are looking for new revenue streams and Amazon Inc. is no different. Today, we have learnt that the online retailer believes that the latest revenue stream for the company will come by way of ad space that it wants to sell on the Kindle Fire welcome page.

Samsung Latest Tablet Takes Aim at the Kindle Fire

On a recent vacation, my plans involved surfing and relaxing at the beach, and I brought three paperback books to keep me entertained. But after lugging them around in my heavy backpack for a week, I realized it was finally time to go digital.

Amazon Kindle Fire With Front Lit Display Available This Summer

Lately, it would seem that much of the news surrounding Amazon has had to do with their Kindle Fire, the customized Android tablet that garnered serious headlines during the Christmas shopping season due to its success.

Amazon Kindle Fire Sales Take Drastic Tumble In Q1 2012

Kindle Fire

Amazon managed to sell 4.8 million tablets in Q4 2011 thanks in large part to its massive marketing campaign and the holiday shopping season, now the company has announced a drastic fall in Kindle Fire sales, racking up just 750,000 similar sales in Q1 2012.

When comparing overall market sales Amazon slipped from a 16.8 percent market share in Q4 2011 to just a 4 percent market share during the most recently reported quarter. In comparison Apple’s Q4 market share rose from 54.7 percent to 68 percent thanks to the strength of 11.8 million iPad sales.

For Amazon a slip in Amazon Kindle Fire sales is bad news, the company already sells the tablets as a loss-leader, recuperating money through the sale of digital goods found inside the Amazon marketplace. The company also has a lot invested in the tablet market as it continues to shift its attention further away from traditional e-Readers, which will always share a place on Amazon shelves, to the more robust usability of Google Android based devices.

Amazon isn’t the only Android based tablet manufacturer who saw losses, apparently the downward trend in Android based tablets was witnessed by almost all manufacturers following the end of the Q4 selling season. Analysts believe that Apple’s choice to keep the lower priced iPad 2 on the market after the new iPad arrived in March has helped the company attract more buyers, while its efforts to align with educational facilities is greatly improving sales numbers.

Following in Amazon’s declining sales Samsung has reclaimed the number two sales spot int he tablet market while Lenovo and Barne & Noble Nook tablets round out the top five.

In the meantime Amazon is expected to launch a new 10-inch tablet in 2012.

Kindle Touch Goes International; Bookstores, 3G Networks, Tablets, Not So Much

Amazon announced wide international availability for its Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G e-readers. Beginning on April 27, with preorders available now, Amazon will ship its top-end E-Ink reader to 175 countries and territories, with support for digital bookstores based in France, Germany, Spain, Italy and the UK as well as the United States.

Amazon Offers High Bounties for Used iPads on Eve of Apple Announcement

Unless Apple is setting us up for a huge, loping curve ball, millions of people will buy a new iPad sometime shortly after Wednesday’s anticipated iPad 3 announcement. And if you’re among the millions who already have a first- or second-generation iPad and you’re looking to upgrade, maybe your first stop shouldn’t be an Apple Store, but rather
Amazon is offering surprisingly high bounties for used iPads, proving that even the bottom feeders of Apple’s tablet line-up still generate significant public interest.

Rumor: 10-Inch Kindle Fire Tablet Arrives in Q2

With all of the success that Amazon has enjoyed with their 7-inch Android powered Kindle Fire that was released last year, you just had to know that the online retailer was going to build on this device. Today, it would appear that plans for a new 10-inch follow-up device are in the works.

Kindle Fire Takes Bite Out Of iPad Sales

Amazon’s Kindle Fire has generated a lot of success for the company and with it has come positive attention for Amazon. Over the Christmas holiday season, Amazon announced that they saw record sales with their tablets and many were looking at the Kindle Fire as a viable competitor to Apple’s iPad.

Ozeri Kandle II Reading Light for Kindle

Kindle uses the electronic paper technology to enable the look and feel of real books and you can read them even in bright sunlight, but the problem comes in low light conditions and the second version of Ozeri’s Kandle is here to help. This elegant white device attaches to your Kindle without affecting its surface, to provide what you need for reading in the night – bright light.

 Kandle II features three bright white LED lights, adjustable position, the sturdy WideLip Grip system and adjustable light settings. The reading gadget is available for purchase at Mobile Fun for £17.95.

Amazon Kindle Fire 2 rumours rounded up | Specification | Price | Buy At Amazon

You've got to love the internet rumour mill: when a big-name device ships without any of the features the rumour-mongers predicted, the response is always the same: "Yeah, but we meant the next version!"
It's no surprise, then, that while the Kindle Fire has only been shipping for a few hours the internet is already speculating about its successor - a successor which will, inevitably, include some of the things the first Kindle Fire didn't.
So what do we actually know?

Kindle Fire 2 release date

The Kindle Fire 2 is set to land in spring 2012, according to DigiTimes, which reported that Quanta Computer has already been given the order to start producing the new device.

The Kindle Fire 2 screen will be bigger

The Telegraph - and many others - predicts a Kindle Fire 2 / iPad 3 summertime tablet fight-fest based entirely on a single post by the not-always-that-accurate DigiTimes, which says that the Kindle Fire 2 will have an 8.9-inch touch screen and will begin manufacturing in the first quarter of 2012.
That may well be true, but Digitimes also reports that the Kindle Fire 2 screen will be 9.7 inches, or maybe 10.1 inches. Perhaps the Kindle Fire 2 is made from potatoes and powered by clockwork elves.

The Kindle Fire 2 processor is a quad-core Tegra

That's what Boy Genius Report predicted back in May, anyway: Amazon was "planning on releasing at least two before the end of the year... the big boy? That's codenamed 'Hollywood' and will be based on the NVIDIA T30 'Kal-El' which will bring a screaming quad-core processor with a 500% performance increase".
That would come in handy, as some reviews have pointed out that the current Fire is a bit slow, but if it's coming there's no way you're getting it for $200. Amazon may be losing money on every Kindle Fire, but there's losing money and there's losing enormous amounts of money.

The Kindle Fire 2 is the real Kindle Fire

Speaking to Gdgt, a "source" claimed that the Kindle Fire 2 is the tablet Amazon really wanted to make, but couldn't get out in time for the pre-Christmas shopping period.

The Kindle Fire 2 operating system is Android, sort of

As with the first Fire, the Kindle Fire 2 should run Amazon's own fork of Android, which adds a nifty interface to Google's OS. Expect integration with the Amazon app store and services rather than Android market and Google books.

The Kindle Fire 2 display won't be a hybrid

A hybrid e-ink/LCD screen is one for our Kindle Fire 2 wish list, although we don't expect to see it on the next Kindle Fire.

The Kindle Fire 2 specifications might include some missing features

There are some obvious omissions from the current Kindle Fire - GPS, a microphone, cameras - but we're not sure the Kindle Fire 2 needs them: if it wants to be an iPad rival then yes, such things are important, but they're not necessarily deal-breakers for sofa surfing.

The Kindle Fire 2 name probably won't be Kindle Fire 2

If a launch is imminent, Amazon won't want to annoy existing Kindle Fire customers by suggesting their shiny new tablet is already obsolete. It'll be called something different, such as Kindle Burny. OK, probably not Burny.

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