Amazon Kindle Fire With Front Lit Display Available This Summer

Lately, it would seem that much of the news surrounding Amazon has had to do with their Kindle Fire, the customized Android tablet that garnered serious headlines during the Christmas shopping season due to its success.
Many were wondering just how the company would build on this device. Would they try and improve the current version with new features and additions or would they start building tablets with different screen sizes and go right after the heavyweights such as Apple and their iPad. With all of the success of the Kindle Fire, it’s easy to forget sometimes that they do have other products. Take for instance their Kindle eReader. If you ask Amazon customers that use this device what would be an improvement or change that they would like to see, many would say a front-lit display.

If this happens to also be on your wish list, it would seem that you are in luck. According to sources, a Kindle eReader with a front-lit display should be available this July. Word of a prototype device first got out in April of this year when a source managed to see the device and learn about what the device would feature. It would appear that this device has finally become a reality.

One of the challenges that Amazon faces with this new Kindle is battery life. Having a front-lit display so that customers can read in the dark or in low lighting conditions will impact battery life. However, this may be a price that will have to be paid by Amazon as there is “demand” for this feature.