Rumor: 10-Inch Kindle Fire Tablet Arrives in Q2

With all of the success that Amazon has enjoyed with their 7-inch Android powered Kindle Fire that was released last year, you just had to know that the online retailer was going to build on this device. Today, it would appear that plans for a new 10-inch follow-up device are in the works.

Based upon the reports provided by the DigiTimmes, it will be Foxconn that will be responsible for the assembly of the Amazon tablet. You may recall that Foxconn is the outsourced company to whom a number of major tech players, including Apple, have turned for the assembly of their respective devices.

Assuming that these reports are accurate, the first 10-inch tablets will be available by quarter 2 2012. Although Amazon has had good success in the tablet market, this is one niche that has been quite cut throat and there have been a number of losers. With Amazon building a 10-inch device, it does show that they are confident in their device and the next device may make a stab at the title of iPad killer. So far, in the last year, there have been only two companies that have had real success with their tablets and they are Amazon and Apple with the Cupertino company selling more then 55 million tablets since 2010.

What are your thoughts, although we don’t know the specs of the new device, but we do know the history of Amazon, will their new 10-inch tablet be enough to go head to head with the iPad and will we see Apple’s tablet share further eroded this year?