Fujitsu Prepares High End Smartphones For European Market

Within the United States and Europe, Fujitsu is not a name that one commonly thinks of when they think of high end mobile phones. However, as we approach the 2012 edition of the Mobile World Congress that will take place in Barcelona, Spain, it would seem that Fujitsu is getting ready to showcase new phones that will be launched within Europe.

These new devices will be a mix of gadgets that will run on either on the Windows Phone or Android operating system and with Fujitsu putting the focus on high end, the goal is to create devices that can compete with Apple and Samsung in this market. From what is being heard at this time, these Fujitsu phones will be global phones in that they can connect to a variety of network types.
 They will also include near field communication, LTE 4G and biometric security. For the last few years, Fujitsu has been absent from some of the major global markets, instead placing an emphasis on its own home market of Japan. In doing so, Fujitsu has managed to establish itself within the top five of hardware vendors, but in other markets such as the US and Europe, Fujitsu’s market share has declined. It would now appear that Fujitsu would like to reclaim some of its lost market share and high end smartphones will be the way that they will accomplish this.
Next weeks MWC should be interesting to see just what Fujitsu brings to the table. Do you feel that the company will be able to regain some of their lost territory or have they been absent from these markets for to long, meaning that Apple, Samsung and LG have become the brand names that consumers most think of when they are looking for smartphones and tablets?