Microsoft Office For Apple’s Ipad Arrives “Soon”

Apple owns a sizable chunk of the mobile market and even though Microsoft has quite a ways to go before it can complete in terms of number of devices in the hands of consumers, there is a way that they can get a slice of Apple’s lucrative market. For quite some time now, there has been discussion on whether
Microsoft would release their Office suite of products for the iPad and the answer today seems to be a resounding yes, at least according to The Daily

In fact, it was The Daily that stated last year that MS Office would be available for the iPad and today, this point is being reaffirmed. Matt Hickey is the one that broke this story and according to him, a working prototype is already available and he’s had a chance to try it first hand. Unless there is some last minute hick-up, we could see the release of Office “very soon”.

When the suite of products does launch, it will include programs that people are familiar with and these include Excel, Word and PowerPoint. Users will also be able to edit and save files to the hard drive of their tablet. There is no mention on just how much these apps will cost, but currently, Apple does have available Numbers, Pages and Keynotes and each of these is sold individually for $9.99.