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Download Turbo Wheels v1.0.4 apk+data Android Game

Turbo Wheels is the most exciting mini cars racing game where you don't need brakes, they just slow you down.

Choose your favourite car, they are plenty and fully upgradeable, each with their own unique handling and style!

Experience more realistic car engine optimized for Android devices and get ready for a winners race, because the second place is the first loser!


* 25 unique mini cars in five different categories (Sport, SS, GT, Formula & Classic)
* 4 different countries (Brazil, Japan, Canada & UAE)
* Over unique 16 tracks
* 4 different race modes (Race, Time, Coins & 1 vs 1)
* Race against the opponent car 1 vs 1 to unlock his car
* Hours and days of exciting gameplay

Turbo Wheels is a graphically intensive 3D game, and although it runs well on many devices, we recommend 1 GB RAM and dual-core processor for an optimal gaming experience.

Download Turbo Wheels Android Game :

Download Larva Heroes : Episode2 v1.1.3 apk Android Game

The new Larva Heroes Episode 2 has been released.

Auto-battle system has been applied to reduce the game fatigue.

★ Daily Event ★
- We will give free coupon to 100 people daily through face book.
- You can get a free coupon magic candy 1000 and 300,000 gold.

- You can only level up is the stage mode.
- The Dungeon mode, you can play hero to take the four friends.
- Heroes and Hero friend can strengthen to step 6.
- You can get a 'fortune cookie' through stage mode.
- If you open fortune cookie, you can get gold,item,magic candy.
- You can see total rank and weekly rank in main menu.

Download Larva Heroes Android Game :

Download Minecraft - Pocket Edition v0.11.0 [Build 4] apk Android App

Play the biggest update to Minecraft: Pocket Edition so far! It’s the overhaul of a generation. Download it now and see for yourself!

Minecraft is about placing blocks to build things and going on adventures.

Pocket Edition includes Survival and Creative modes, multiplayer over a local Wi-Fi network, infinite worlds, caves, new biomes, mobs, villages and lots more. Craft, create and explore anywhere in the world so long as you have hands spare and battery to burn.

There’s never been a better time to enjoy Minecraft on the move.

Minecraft — Pocket Edition is a Universal App. Pay once and play on any of your Android devices.

Download Minecraft - Pocket Edition :

Download Photo Mate R2 v3.0 apk Android App

Photo Mate R2 is a complete raw-developer, image organizer and editor. It provides the most professional editing features for every photographer.

It supports full-size raw decoding of almost every camera-raw format (Canon CR2, Nikon NEF, Sony ARW, Pentax PEF, Samsung, Phase one and many more).

Edit images in high-quality with all essential features including professional Noise-Reduction, Sharpening, Clarity, Curves, Vibrance, Lens-Corrections and much more.
Use editing layers (gradient, circular, brush) to fine-tune specific areas of your images.
All edits are non-destructive, you can always revert back to your original image.

Export single images, a group of images or entire folders. Create export settings for specific scenarios (Full-Size, JPG, TIFF, or sharing on the web).

Rate, organize, label, tag images and filter them based on specific metadata (rating, date, tags, ...)
Ratings, labels and tags are compatible to Lightroom (XMP-Sidefiles)

Calibrate your tablet display within the app to make editing and viewing images more accurate.

Never carry around your laptop again when you want to convert, organize or edit your raw-images. This app includes all the necessary tools for your mobile workflow - and even more!

- View and decode almost every camera-raw format
- Edit and process images (as well as raw-images) non-destructive in full-resolution*
- Use Editing-Layers to adjust specific regions of your images
- Rate, Label and Tag images
- Filter images based on ratings or metadata
- Import images from your usb-connected Camera
- Stack multiple images together to create noise-reduced images or HDR (Beta)
- Show a folder with geotagged images on a map
- Includes PSD and TIFF decoder (can be enabled in the preferences)

* Full-Resolution depends on your device. Recommended are:
- At least 2 GB of RAM
- Dual-Core CPU

Download Photo Mate R2 v3.0 apk :

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls coming to PlayStation 4 at Full HD

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Sony coming with new PlayStation 4 console which supports Full HD games at 1080p resolution, at same resolution Diablo 3 coming to PlayStation 4 in year 2014, confirmed by Blizzard at BlizzCon 2013.

As director, Josh Mosqueira said, Reaper of Souls would run at Full HD resolution at 60fps. With this Diablo fans have one more good news too, the user who is currently using PlayStation 3 for this game will be able to transfer character and progress to the upcoming PlayStation 4 console.

However, he wasn't confirm to get discount or free for PlayStation 4 if user already bought for PS3. Company will figure out what best offer they provide. Nothing could say, it may be free or you've to pay for it again. What do you think?

Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at 1080p on PS4 and Native 720p on Xbox One

Call of Duty: Ghosts

Call of Duty: Ghosts will come to new next-generation consoles like Xbox One and Playstation 4 ( PS4 ), the gamers expect the game to be similar except its platform they have.

However, Infinity Ward and Activition has confirmed the Call of Duty: Ghosts video game will run at 1080p Full HD resolution on Playstation 4 with 60fps ( Frames per Second ), while Xbox One will able to run on 720p HD resolution with same 60fps rate.

According to Mark Rubin tweet, "Hey, been on the road last couple weeks so haven't had a chance to update, but wanted to confirm that for Xbox One we're 1080p upscaled from 720. And, we're native 1080p on PS4. We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both. Still on the road, but glad to see the great reception to Extinction. Can't wait for next week's launch."

It seems the benchmarks of both consoles may be different, perhaps the reason behind this would be seen after some game benchmarks. The Call of Duty: Ghosts game launch on November 5 next week.

Titanfall exclusive on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC Platform

Titanfall on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC

Highly anticipated video game for the gaming consoles that is Titanfall will be exclusive to Microsoft platforms as it's expected to hit stores in March 2014 only on Xbox 360, Xbox one and Windows PC as well, but playstation users will miss out the Titanfall game.

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed Titanfall as lifetime exclusive to the PC platform and both Xbox 360, Xbox one platform, although there may be a possibility to release Titanfall game on Sony's next generation Playstation 4 console in the future.

Respawn Entertainment's co-founder Vince Zampella tweeted in response to this news,"Always MS exclusive at launch, great partner and focus is good for a startup. EA made a deal for the rest, we only found out recently."

Respawn is a private company which is working with EA as the publisher for its Titanfall video game, so if you love to play shooting games than you need us an Xbox console or PC as game requirement.

EA's Sims 4 will Release in First Quarter Next Year | Game

The Sims 4 Game

EA ( Electronic Arts ) has announced the Sims 4 and it was originally released in first quarter of 2014 worldwide.

The Sim 4 delay will not take too long, as EA set it to ship the game worldwide in autumn season next year, according to EA and MAxis.

"The Sims franchise has the best fans in the world and their passion and enthusiasm is at an all-time high. Those millions of voices will fuel our development process, helping the Sims 4 to the most ambitious and the best game our studio has ever made," Said Rachel Franklin, VP and General Manager of the Sims Studio.

"We can't wait to see our fans reaction when the Sims 4 comes out in autumn 2014."

Rovio Announced Release Date of Angry Birds Go! Game

Angry Birds Go! Game

Now Rovio Entertainment pulls out new version of Angry Birds, called Angry Birds Go!. The Angry Birds Go will available for free download from December 11th, with the countdown app releasing on this coming October 31st.

The Angry Birds Go is very similar to the classic Mario Kart, which was one of the most loved and favourite game.

Angry Birds Go characters with their own specialty,  features all type of actions, power ups, ride upgrade and more, that you expected from Mario Kart.

With the new elements in the Angry Birds franchise that open up the doors of extra opportunities for innovate multiple customer products categories line. The Angry Birds Go game will features Hasbro's TELEPODS, through which players can use "teleport" new karts into the game.

King's Candy Crush Saga Releasing for Amazon Kindle Fire Soon

Candy Crush Saga

King's sweetest game app "Candy Crush Saga" is going to release for all Amazon's Kindle Fire tablet soon. In simple words, hello game lovers, get Candy Crush Saga on your Amazon Appstores.

The game will available in selected territories followed by worldwide to download for free for kindle devices from October 17 on Amazon Appstores. The game is already available on iTunes, Google Play and Facebook. This popular Candy Crush Saga is the most irresistible game in the world, where more than 53 million daily players enjoying it.

The most addictive game Candy Crush Saga have more than 400 challenging levels, where players can sync it with their Facebook accounts, through which you can access and continue your progress on any device.

"We've had such positive feedback from players regarding King's first Kindle Fire title, Bubble Witch Saga, that we now feel the time is right to bring Candy Crush Saga to Kindle Fire fans. The Kindle Fire is a great device with which to enjoy the Candy Crush Saga gameplay and, with levels regularly added by the King team, we hope to keep Kindle Fire owners entertained every day," Tommy Palm, Games Guru at King

GTA 5 Online patch 1.03 update now available on Xbox 360, PS3

GTA 5 Online Patch Update

Recently launched Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto 5 ( GTA 5 ) would get online multiplayer mode patch 1.03 update today with some bug fixes and issues.

They fix for interface issues while play online, fix for Epsilon program missions, fix for the Vanilla Unicorn, fix for saved game and upgrades, and many other issues fixes in this patch, via Rockstar Games blog.

The Online patch 1.03 update for GTA 5 weighs in at 59 MB and 39 MB on Xbox 360 and PS3. However, Rockstar has yet to release patch notes for the update. Now many users suggesting the patch closed some exploits found in GTA online that allowed players to farm XP points and money from repeating the same missions again and again.

The players who updated GTA 5 can see a fix for ongoing issue of missing characters from GTA online. We have to wait until Rockstar fix this problem in today's patch in GTA 5. We'll update this post accordingly.

Nintendo Announced Nintendo 2DS Mobile Gaming Console | Handheld Features | Price

Nintendo 2DS

Nintendo has announced a new handheld gaming gadget called the 2D, it looks similar to 3DS and also a part of the Nintendo 3Ds family of consoles. The Nintendo 3DS was the first handheld mobile gaming consoles that brought 3D effects to mobile gamers, but now Nintendo comes with 2D effects gaming console.

Nintedo 2DS will support all 3DS and DS games, but without 3D effects. It will come in "Blue+Black" and "White+Red" colors and available from 12th of October 2013. The new 2DS will available at cheap cost, it'll price at $129.99

Nintendo 2DS Mobile Console

According to price, company will offer this console with Dual-screens, comes with 2 cameras, a front single speaker, universal 3.5 mm headphone jack, and a 4 GB SD card. This is value for money console.

Nintendo's new 2DS handheld comes with slate-type form factor, it comes with a wireless connectivity, so that you can enjoy your favorite multiplayer games online and at last you'll get access to Nintendo eShop.

AMD 5GHz Microprocessor(CPU) | World's First 5GHz CPU | Gaming FX 9590


Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) announced "AMD FX-9590" and "AMD FX-9370, World's first commercial 5GHz and 4.7GHz CPU for PC's.

The eight-core FX-9590 will debut in destop PC's this summer. It probably won't come cheap and it consume amount of power at 220 Watts.

At E3, AMD demonstrated why is at the core of gaming," Bernd Lienhard said "The new FX 5GHz processor is an emphatic performance statement to the most demanding gamers seeking ultra-high resolution experiences, including AMD Eyefinity technology. This is another proud innovation for AMD in delivering the world’s first commercially available 5 GHz processor.”

As these are enthusiast chips, overclocking will also be a significant factor - the top Ivy Bridge and Haswell (Intel i7 4000 series) can both overclock about 15% over stock speeds ; it's unknown whether there will be similar overclocking headroom left in AMDs latest. If these chips can hit 5.7GHz, and if doing so does not raise power draw to utterly intolerable levels, these chips won't be disadvantaged - however that is a very big if.

In the end, it's hard to see Richland making a big change to the market this year. AMD's big chance should come when it releases a new architecture, known as Kaveri, planned to start manufacturing late this year, with the first systems in early 2014. This introduces an updated CPU core architecture known as "Steamroller," which should offer an improvement in raw CPU horsepower, and what AMD is calling heterogeneous Uniform Memory Access (hUMA), which should allow the CPU and GPU units to work together more closely.

Rockstar Unveiled Grand Theft Auto 5( GTA 5 ) Xbox360 | PS3 | Release Date | Full Cover Art | Screenshots | Review Features

Grand Theft Auto 5( GTA 5 ) For Xbox360, PS3, Release Date

UPDATE: GTA 5 will get update Patch 1.03

Rockstar has announced the latest edition of the Grand Theft Auto series GTA 5. GTA 5 will be coming to Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 on September 17th 2013. According to Rockstar, Grand Theft Auto 5 is destined to be their biggest open world game to date. The game will concentrate on "the pursuit of the almighty dollar".

GTA 5 single-player story is told through three player-controlled protagonists. They are Michael, Trevor and Franklin, criminals whose stories interconnect as they complete missions together. During story missions, the player can switch between the protagonists as they work together to accomplish an objective; in one such mission, Michael rappels down the side of a building, Franklin provides covering fire with a sniper rifle, and Trevor controls the getaway helicopter.


Grand Theft Auto 5( GTA 5 ) Xbox 360, PS 3, Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 5( GTA 5 ) Xbox 360, PS 3, Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 5( GTA 5 ) Xbox 360, PS 3, Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 5( GTA 5 ) Xbox 360, PS 3, Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 5( GTA 5 ) Xbox 360, PS 3, Release Date

Grand Theft Auto 5( GTA 5 ) Xbox 360, PS 3, Release Date

Review Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory Features | Free Download Android Game

Sky Gamblers: Rise of Glory Android game

FORGET EVERYTHING ELSE! THIS IS THE ULTIMATE AIR COMBAT GAME! With an extensive single player campaign and revolutionary multiplayer modes, the non-stop action will keep you at the edge of your seat.

Darksiders 2 PC, PS3 | Xbox 360 Game | Review

Darksiders 2 PC, PS3, Xbox 360 Game

Darksiders II, this much-hyped sequel from THQ and Vigil Games, was promised to be so vastly improved that it would be “more like Darksiders 2.5″. But here is a game that emerges so plain it’s hard to get enthused. Bigger and more complex it may be, but all you can really say about Darksiders II is that it’s okay. It’s perfectly fine.

Sony Announced God Of War Saga | InFamous Collection | Retail Price

God Of War Saga

Sony Announced its brand new game known as God of War Saga and InFamous Collection.

Angry Birds Heikki upcoming game from Rovio on June 18th! Teaser Site

Angry Birds Heikki

After many angry fights in a space with pigs, Angry Birds are coming back to Earth by Rovio, with a new game called Angry Birds Heikki. With this announcement Rovio clears that by having new project called Amazing Alex, the company is not going away from Angry Birds project.

Max Payne: the story so far (Game Review)

Max Payne

"Something goes clank in the night, and the sound is close enough to a gunshot to take me back to the beginning."

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City | Windows PC Game | Review

Resident Evil

Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City – When we are talking about Resident Evil, it means that we are talking about one of the biggest franchise horror-survival game in the gaming industry.

After a real stunning worldly debut through the release of the PlayStation console, Resident Evil managed to attract more attention through a genre and mechanism of a gameplay that is so unique at the time. This game was able to bind an action game in horror theme that really “bites”, where the main character is only equipped with limited resources to fight back all existing threats. But unfortunately, slowly but surely, this franchise game is somewhat going through an acute degraded ”identity”. The future seems to be ready in welcoming the extinction of this survival-horror Resident Evil

Capcom took Slant Six Games, the famous west-side developer through a series of a third person shooter - SOCOM to develop this game. When the first teaser and trailer of this game was introduced to the public, RE: ORC is indeed showing a way different gameplay than the RE series so far.

This game is now present as a team-based action game where players can cooperate with another player or AI to complete certain missions. This is not the first time for Capcom to bring such a gameplay like this. Previously they had released RE: Outbreak that is someway similar, but not very successful in the game market. Through Operation Raccoon City, Capcom decided to bring the level even further.

So, what kind of experience offered by RE: ORC? Is the decision to bring an action game with a big name of worldly game franchise will lead to something good or will it turn into a disaster?

After all of this time you are playing this game as the party tried to stop the madness of the Umbrella and to stop the doomsday that occurs caused by this giants corporate, RE: ORC offers a plot and story from the other side. You will act as the USS Delta Team a.k.a Wolfpack, a special forces unit made ??by Umbrella that was formed to clean up the problem of “outbreak” in Raccoon City. Team of Lupo, Vector, Beltway, Specter, Bertha, and Four-Eyes is assigned to a task that is so crucial - to destroy any evidence that might connect Umbrella to the disaster, save important assets, and kill whoever witnesses survivors of the Raccoon City.

The great battle in the chaos began. Not just zombies and monsters from the Umbrella project, you also have to deal with the armed forces of the Special Forces, and even some of the characters that you ever used in the past.