Sony Announced God Of War Saga | InFamous Collection | Retail Price

God Of War Saga

Sony Announced its brand new game known as God of War Saga and InFamous Collection.

The PlayStation Blog has officially confirmed suspicions of a God of War Saga Collection while that Sony was planning on releasing all the God of War games as one huge bundle and it looks like the compilation will include 5 full God of War titles and will be available for PS3.

God of War Saga
  • God of War
  • God of War II
  • God of War III
  • God of War: Origins Collection (contains God of War: Chains of Olympus and God of War: Ghost of Sparta)
  • Exclusive Bonus Content
  • Voucher For 1 Trial Month of PlayStation Plus
  • Remastered for HD, DUALSHOCK Control, Full PlayStation Network Trophy Support and 3D (3D supported only in God of War: Origins Collection)
InFamous collection

inFamous Collection
  • inFamous
  • inFamous 2
  • inFamous: Festival of Blood
  • Extra missions
  • Additional character costumes, power ups and weapon styles
All the new PS3 collections will available on 28th August @ $29.99 each. Those who already have parts of each collection will be able to download the other parts separately on PSN, but they won’t get all the goodies coming in the packaged product.