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Titanfall exclusive on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC Platform

Titanfall on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC

Highly anticipated video game for the gaming consoles that is Titanfall will be exclusive to Microsoft platforms as it's expected to hit stores in March 2014 only on Xbox 360, Xbox one and Windows PC as well, but playstation users will miss out the Titanfall game.

Electronic Arts CFO Blake Jorgensen confirmed Titanfall as lifetime exclusive to the PC platform and both Xbox 360, Xbox one platform, although there may be a possibility to release Titanfall game on Sony's next generation Playstation 4 console in the future.

Respawn Entertainment's co-founder Vince Zampella tweeted in response to this news,"Always MS exclusive at launch, great partner and focus is good for a startup. EA made a deal for the rest, we only found out recently."

Respawn is a private company which is working with EA as the publisher for its Titanfall video game, so if you love to play shooting games than you need us an Xbox console or PC as game requirement.

EA's Sims 4 will Release in First Quarter Next Year | Game

The Sims 4 Game

EA ( Electronic Arts ) has announced the Sims 4 and it was originally released in first quarter of 2014 worldwide.

The Sim 4 delay will not take too long, as EA set it to ship the game worldwide in autumn season next year, according to EA and MAxis.

"The Sims franchise has the best fans in the world and their passion and enthusiasm is at an all-time high. Those millions of voices will fuel our development process, helping the Sims 4 to the most ambitious and the best game our studio has ever made," Said Rachel Franklin, VP and General Manager of the Sims Studio.

"We can't wait to see our fans reaction when the Sims 4 comes out in autumn 2014."