Angry Birds Heikki upcoming game from Rovio on June 18th! Teaser Site

Angry Birds Heikki

After many angry fights in a space with pigs, Angry Birds are coming back to Earth by Rovio, with a new game called Angry Birds Heikki. With this announcement Rovio clears that by having new project called Amazing Alex, the company is not going away from Angry Birds project.
Rovio also launch a NEW SITE which serves as a teaser of it next game Angry Birds Heikki, right the teaser gathering mixed comments and it is not clear that what will be the theme of Angry Birds Heikki. But if you see the above picture, the Angry Bird eye shows us a racing flags, and its nose also shows us a track line which suggesting us that this time Angry Birds are ready for F1 racing, which could be Rovio’s F1 sponsorship of Heikki koalainen, the formula one pilot.

One another thing that just like old series of game, this upcoming Angry Birds also based on Physics-based puzzle game? The teaser websites have no details about the game. But one interesting thing is that how Rovio combines the F1 theme into a physics-based puzzle game, to make an awesome Angry Birds?
Other news also revoling on internet that Angry Birds Heikki would be web-based game only and company may not release it for any mobile platform, but it is a rumor right now. After all Rovio knows that what is the success rate of its Angry Birds series from Android and iOS devices so releasing only web-based game is not a good idea for the company.

Well that is the all idea we have now, lets leave the main thing on Rovio for upcoming hit about the innocent eggs, Angry birds and evil pigs.