Yahoo Axis Browser Delivers Visual Search

Microsoft has Internet Explorer, Google has Chrome and Apple has Safari. There’s even talk that Facebook has been considering the launch of their own web browser.
Although Yahoo may be struggling compared to its success from many years ago, the company is still in the search business, so why can’t they have their own browser?

Today, Yahoo has confirmed that they are coming out with their own search browser known as Yahoo Axis. Where this browser differs from some of the others is that Yahoo puts a greater emphasis on the visual. Rather then relying upon pages of links and descriptions, Axis offers up search results as thumbnails which users can then wade through. Interestingly enough, as Axis moves to the thumbnail format for search results, it moves away from text based ads which has been a strong source of income for the company.

Currently, Axis can be downloaded through the app store as an app for both the iPhone and the iPad. On the desktop side, Yahoo has moved away from launching a full desktop browser and instead has elected to come out with an Axis plugin that is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Explorer. As soon as the plugin has been installed and enabled, users will have the ability to search by means of a search box that is positioned at the bottom of the screen.