S Voice, Samsung’s Siri Clone Leaks Out

When one company introduces a new feature in one of their products that turns out to be a hit with customers, it’s just a matter of time before you see others developing their own versions of this feature. Take for instance Siri, Apple’s female voice assistant that made its début with the iPhone 4S.

Although the service is far from perfect, it has become a talking point for many Apple fans and there are also discussions under way that will potentially see this feature introduced in other Apple products such as Apple TV. It was only a matter of time before other companies came out with their own Siri clones and it would seem that Samsung is now one of them. Within the mobile phone market, Samsung has been a market leader. There may be a number of different Android smartphones that customers can choose from, but Samsung phones have been some of the most popular Android phones available. In trying to keep pace with other available handsets, Samsung is looking beyond phones that run on the Android OS and has its eyes set on Apple and their iPhone. As such, does it come as much of a surprise that they would develop their own in house version of Siri.

Samsung’s voice assistant is known as S Voice and it will be available on the Galaxy S III. However, prior to the availability of the Galaxy S III, it would appear that S Voice software has been leaked onto the Internet. Although this can’t be good news for Samsung, what makes it worse is the fact that according to some reports, the software will work on any Android phone that is running at a minimum, Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich. For those that like to tinker, there might be an opportunity to get an early glimpse of S Voice, but there’s no doubt that once the Galaxy S III officially launches, we’ll see a lot of reviews that will compare S Voice vs Siri and Galaxy S III vs iPhone 4S.