Direct download android OS 4.2 x86 for PC | Free android os installation guide for pc

Android OS 4.2 for PC free

UPDATE : Install Android 4.2.2 on PC

The reason why Android is so popular is because it is completely open source, meaning the possibilities for the Android platform are endless. Now, with just a little work, you can have Android running on your PC for free with minimal effort. If you are interested in install Android OS 4.2 on your Desktop, you just follow the below step by step process.

First we will be installing Android OS 4.2 on a Flash Drive or a Memory Drive or a Pen Drive/USB, which will be a boot-able one and then we will make run on your Notebook or Desktop.

  1. Firstly download Android OS 4.2 ISO image and then burn image on CD/DVD or you can download a UNetbootin software to create bootable USB.
  2. Now, insert your USB stick or CD/DVD and then launch UNetbootin. Locate the ISO image via the bottom half of UNetbootin, and ensure the correct USB/CD/DVD is selected. Once everything is correct, click OK to start the conversion process and write the bootable data to your selected media.
  3. Once it’s finished, it will ask if you wish to reboot. If you want to go ahead and run Android, you can click Reboot; otherwise, just exit and run Android from your flash drive whenever you want.
  4. You can see image below so that you can understand.
Android OS 4.2 PC Installation Guide