Nokia Windows 8 Tablet Coming Soon | Review Features, Specifications, Price

Nokia Windows 8 Tablet specifications, Price
Nokia will release Windows 8 10-inch display tablet. There was a time, when Nokia was the most trusted mobile phone brand, but this went down severely with the inception of the iPhone and Android. Nokia decided to join hands with Microsoft to rectify this drop in market demand.

Here enters the Lumia series of phones. They were critically lauded for their smooth interface and premium build quality. But the initial Lumia 800s and Lumia 900s seem to be only a warm up for what is coming in the future by Nokia. Windows Phone 8 OS was recently shown off, and will be featured in upcoming Lumia Smartphones. This is expected, but the Finnish Company is also going a separate route. We will reportedly be seeing a Nokia Windows 8 Tablet pretty soon.


OS Windows 8
PROCESSOR Dual Core Snapdragon S4 processor
DISPLAY 1366X768 Screen Resolution
STORAGE -Not Yet Revealed-
CAMERA -Not Yet Revealed-

Although any price range has not been confirmed yet, expect that the price will be around that of current high end tablets, like the iPad, and Galaxy Tab, at above $500. I'll update when officially updates release till then stay tuned.