Apple iPad 3 On Sale March 16th 8AM

You really can’t get any more precise then this when you say that Apple’s next generation iPad 3 will go on sale this Friday, March 16th at 8 AM local time. This is at least according to retail signage that was discovered earlier today, with images subsequently uploaded onto the Internet.

In terms of the 8 AM time when the iPad 3 will go on sale, it’s important to note that this is local time. Apple has generally not been a company to time their new product launches so that the device goes on sale at the same time across the world, so the 8 AM start time is 8 AM regardless of where you are in the world. Demand for this device is expected to be very high and Apple is aware of that. Like other popular gadgets that they have launched, Apple will be busy through the night on Thursday, March 15th ensuring that their retail locations have the appropriate signage and that the devices are ready for sale when the stores open the following morning. As as incentive to Apple employees, staff that will be working through the night to prepare for this sale will be provided a 10% bonus.

As to be expected, Apple will likely have the largest number of iPad 3 tablets available for sale and they should also have a good mix of the various models that they have announced. In the event that you do not have an Apple store near you, but you still want to be one of the first to buy this device, you will need to find an Apple reseller in your city. Alternatively, you can turn to the web and purchase your tablet online, but you will be waiting a few weeks for the tablet to be shipped to your location.