Mozilla Firefox Version 11 | Review | Download

Mozilla has confirmed that the next version of their popular Internet browser is now available. Like all browsers before it, Firefox 11 delivers new features over its predecessor. On a cursory level, customers that download the new version will receive a browser that has greater stability and bug fixes that will hopefully reduce the frequency of crashing.

There are also new features that have been brought forward. The first of these is the introduction of an import feature that will allow users to move their history and favorites from one of Mozilla’s competitor browsers, Google Chrome. It’s interesting to note that Firefox has finally added the ability of users to import their data over from Chrome as Google’s browser has had this feature for quite a number of years. Understandably, the objective on Mozilla’s part is to keep things as simple as possible and by introducing this feature, they may be able to have some users make the switch from Chrome to Firefox just to see what the “other” browser has to offer.
The second big feature that Firefox 11 brings is 3D webpage rendering which will assist in the visualization of the various on page elements. This feature caters to designers that will now be able to receive a 3D webpage view while reviewing the source code. Using this feature, web designers will be able to rotate the views so that they can see the site from different positions and by clicking onscreen, designers will have access to the underlying source code.
As always, users that want to make the jump to the newest version of Firefox can download the browser from the Mozilla website or below link.

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