10-Inch Windows 8 Nokia Tablet Expected In 2012

Microsoft’s next big operating system is Windows 8 and hardware companies are all ready preparing their business plans on how to make use of the upcoming OS. Last year, we saw Nokia and Microsoft announce a partnership regarding Nokia phones running on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 OS and it would appear that the Finnish phone maker is now looking to expand their portfolio with a Windows 8 tablet.

This news comes by way of the DigiTimes which references their component part sources who are breaking the news. Based upon the information, Nokia will launch a 10-inch dual core Windows 8 in the fourth quarter of this year. The reason why the device won’t be available until so late in the year has to do with the fact that Microsoft hasn’t even announced yet when Windows 8 will be available and after it’s official launch, Nokia will still need time to fully develop and beta test their device before it goes into full production mode.

When the Nokia tablet does eventually go into production, it will be Compal Electronics that will get the nod for manufacturing as Nokia has outsourced this task to the Taiwanese company. Initially, Compal Electronics will be engaged to manufacture 200,000 tablets as a first run after which the success of this product launch will then be assessed.