iPad 3 Pre-Orders Available At RadioShack

When Apple releases a new product, it generally means that strong profits from the device will be enjoyed by all retailers of the device and as such, being amongst the first to be able to offer it to your customers will be of even more importance.

Yesterday, Apple announced their iPad 3 and detailed the hardware configuration of their device. Today, RadioShack has become the first retailer aside from Apple to offer up the device for sale. As of now, you can go to any RadioShack and pre-order the device, but you do have to jump through one hoop. Apparently, customers that would like to buy Apple’s new tablet will be required to purchase a $50 in-store gift card. Now, the gift card can be used for anything including the iPad 3 itself, but you will need to buy the gift card.

If the idea of buying a gift card only to redeem it on the iPad 3 sounds silly, you can skip this entire process and wait until next Friday, March 16th when the device officially goes on sale. The only problem with this of course is that there is the strong potential that this device will be sold out. So far, it is only RadioShack that is offering both the device and warranty service at launch. Past retail partners of Apple such as Walmart and Target that have gotten in early on the action have yet to announce their launch plans for the device.