Logitech’s Solar Powered iPad Keyboard Folio

Logitech is well known for their peripheral devices and today, the company brings its latest offering for the iPad.
This time, the new device comes in the form of the Solar Keyboard Folio, a device that is compatible with both the second generation iPad as well as Apple’s new iPad.

As a solar powered gadget, Logitech’s new device can make use of both outdoor as well as indoor lighting to recharge its battery cells and interestingly enough, a company spokesperson has gone on the record to state that on single full charge, the Keyboard Folio has the potential of working for a full 365 days before it needs to be recharged again. This claim also takes into account if the device was used in complete darkness for the entire year in question.
Customers that purchase this device will be able to use it in one of two stand positions. These two positions include one which is optimal for touch typing as well as another which has been made for optimal movie viewing. When the device is being used in movie mode, iPad users will generally need access to a limited number of keys and as such, in this option, only the first row of keys comes in use, giving the user access to such common features as play/pause, volume control as well as other media controls.

Expect the device to go on sale early this month for $130.