iPad HD – Apple’s New Tablet?

All eyes will be on San Francisco next week to see just what Apple plans on unveiling. The next generation iPad is all but confirmed, but will they have any other devices that they will bring forward?
There are a number of bets being placed on what additional hardware will show up.

There are rumours that perhaps a new version of Apple TV will be unveiled or alternatively, there is also talk that Apple will release a smaller tablet that can compete against the likes of the Kindle Fire.
In regards to their tablet, there are more mysteries then answers as we head into the weekend. Up until today, Apple’s new tablet was believed to be the iPad 3 and this may still be the case. However, companies that develop accessories for Apple products have begin to appear on retailer websites using another name and that is the iPad HD. Now, this may just be a place holder name, one that retailers hope will throw tech enthusiasts off of the iPad 3 scent, but could it also be the new name moving forward?
In any case, iPad HD is a name well suited for the next Apple tablet considering that the new device will have a strong focus on graphics capabilities. To begin with, the tablet will see the screen resolution improved from the current iPad 2 standard 1024×768 to the higher resolution 2,048×1,536. The entire device will run on a new variant of the dual core A5 chip and we should also see improvements to the camera technology with the company moving forward with an 8MP sensor. Additionally, expect to see the new PowerVR graphics chipset which will offer a twenty times improvement over what is available in the iPad 2. Together, all of these upgrades will offer significant improvements both for game play and video performance.
Still though, the question remains will Apple move away from the current sequential numerical naming convention of the iPad? If they do, this will be nothing new for Apple as we have seen them do it previously when they came out with the recent iPhone 4S smartphone and the earlier iPhone 3GS. Additionally, if they go with the name iPad HD, it does leave them the option of using the name iPad 3 at a later date when they have a new model that offers even more features and benefits.