Zynga Games Expand Facebook

Zynga is a company that is synonymous for its games that are available through the social networking site Facebook. In fact, Zynga and Facebook have a symbiotic relationship with each of their successes relying upon the other.

Today, it was confirmed that the Zynga website, Zynga.com, will expand beyond it’s current presence as the companies corporate site. Over the next couple of days, the site will change over to become a destination site that will host the company’s more popular games as well as game titles developed by other publishers. To begin with, we’ll see 5 games show up on the site within a week and these will include CityVille, CastleVille, Hidden Chronicles, Words with Friends and Zynga Poker.

But this is not all. Another aspect of the new platform that is being developed is social interaction and this service will allow gamers to connect and play their favourite games with their friends or with others that might be online. This aspect of the site will be known as Social Stream. On one hand, it might seem that Zynga is trying to distance itself from Faceook, but according to their Chief Executive Officer Mark Pincus, the objective of the site is to “complement Facebook’s pervasive social graph” and this makes sense when you consider that Facebook is responsible for 93% of Zynga’s profits. Still though, having a single revenue stream is never a good thing and building up Zynga.com will allow the company to explore other revenue models.