More Evidence Of iPad 3 Retina Display?

One of the features that is touted for the upcoming iPad 3 is a Retina display. This is something that has been spoken about at length over the past few months and even without today’s report, the Retina display is something that is all but a given in Apple’s next generation tablet.

Still, for people that love physical evidence and sneak previews, today, it would seem that the Retina display is all but confirmed. The only thing that would make it fully confirmed is if Tim Cook himself released a press statement stating this said fact.

Although Apple keeps a tight lid on their supply chain, it has always been slightly porous and it would appear that some of the display panels designed for the Apple iPad 3 have been leaked. These are not fully functional display screens in that they cannot be powered on, but still, having the screens allowed them to be closely examined under the microscope. In doing that, it was determined that these new screens had twice the vertical and horizontal screen resolution of the current iPad 2 model.

 What you are looking at above is a side by side comparison of the iPad 2 and iPad 3 screen and what becomes apparent is that the iPad 3 holds 4×4 pixels in the same area as a 2×2 pixel segment on an iPad 2. That said, the iPad 3 will have a screen resolution of 4 times that of an iPad 2 and it’s screen resolution will be 2048×1536.