7-inch iPad Tablet Arrives In October?

The rumours about a small screen iPad tablet have been around for quite some time and these rumours began to gain steam late last year when Apple saw just what a success Amazon had with their Kindle Fire during the Christmas shopping season.

The concept of a mini iPad is more then feasable and new rumours suggest that not only is Apple working on one of these devices, but they are expecting to launch it this October which means that perhaps they will have the same bump in sales that the Kindle Fire saw last year. Sources that are close to Apple are suggesting that this smaller tablet will sell for $200-$250 and the reason why Apple is looking at agressive pricing is so that they can eliminate the competition. Compared to its bigger cousins, these smaller iPads are quite a bit cheaper and one may wonder just what will be missing component-wise and again, sources are saying virtually nothing.

Apparently, these devices will be “identical” with just a few exceptions. One of them is the screen size. This means that you will get a Retina display. So the question becomes how will Apple drop the price on these devices and the likelyhood is that these devices will feature 8GB of storage space.