Windows Phone 8 Announcement Soon | ReviewWindows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has managed to get the industry talking about the Redmond company with their recent tablet announcement, but the company is not finished with their announcements just yet.

Expect the chatter to go up even further as Microsoft is expected to make some announcements regarding their mobile operating system Windows Phone. Invitations for a San Francisco event have gone out for the two day event that begins 9:00 AM PST today. Though the details of this event haven’t been leaked to the same extent as their tablet announcement, it’s believed that the big name to make an appearance at this event is Apollo.

Apollo is the working name for Windows Phone 8 and it’s believed that the latest iteration will come with multicore processor support. Though Windows Phone 8 will likely have this feature, the next step for Microsoft will be to convince developers to begin developing apps for this feature.

Other considerations for WP8 include support for Near Field Communication as well as improved support for more software and hardware variations that exist between the various handset models. In addition to this, Apollo is also expected to transition away from tethered connectivity between the mobile phone and a computer, moving instead towards a cloud based solution. Daphne which is the code-name of the new Zune phone to PC update manager is also expected to be refreshed.