Sony Xperia S Receives Ice Cream Sandwich | Update | Review

When Sony first announced their Xperia S, there was interest in the handset and yet, this interest was also matched with a certain degree of disappointment. While other handsets this year were coming out with Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich, Sony elected to launch their device with Gingerbread.
However, the company did make a promise to their customers and that was that this device would receive an Android update down the road.

Sony has kept true to their promise as we are hearing that Ice Cream Sandwich is now rolling out to the Android phone. With ICS, Sony fans receive a series of new features as well as some updates to the entertainment apps which Sony has customized. These app updates target the Album, Walkman and Movie apps.

For instance, with the Movie app, any digital content that you have bought and saved on your mobile phone will include relevant information about the movie title. This will include plot details, actors within the show as well as album art that will be downloaded from the Internet. The Album app as you can guess has to do with photos and Sony has introduced the ability to share your personal pictures across photo sharing sites such as Picasa and Facebook. With Walkman, integration with Gracenote delivers additional download information about the title of interest.

The Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Xperia S is an over the air update with the download package coming in at 200MB. As the file size is quite large, it is best to complete the update using a WiFi network connection.