Mozilla Junior Web Browser For iPad | Review

Mobile computing has become a very important niche and if you happen to be in the browser business such as Mozilla, it is critical that you have a browser that is optimized for tablet users.

Within the tablet market, the iPad is still the leader and we’ve seen many companies develop and obtain approval from Apple to have their browsers available on the iOS tablet. Aside from Safari, there is Dolphin, Skyfire and Opera. Customers that prefer Mozilla’s Firefox may be interested to hear that they to are developing a minimal version of their desktop browser that will be tablet optimized. Currently known by its code name of “Junior”, this basic browser has a simplified user interface. The browser is in the very early stages of development so when you take a look at it, you see that there are no tabs. Could this be a new direction that Mozilla wants to travel or is it the fact that this feature is something that will still be added down the road, only time will tell on this matter. Aside from this, the user interface presents the user with only a pair of buttons and these are the plus button and the back button. The plus button offers users additional menu options that will allow them to make adjustments to the browser settings.

There will also be a multi-profile option allowing users to log into their profile, thereby allowing the browser to automatically customize Junior to your preferences. Hence, one logged into your account, you will have access to your bookmarks, preferred settings as well as other information. As Junior is still in development, it’s unlikely that we will see this new browser version launch on the iPad anytime soon, but we do get some insight as to just what Mozilla is planning at this time.