Microsoft Own Window 8 Tablet Coming Next Week | Review

Microsoft Own Window 8 Tablet

Apple has their own tablet in the iPad and Google is said to working on their own iOS tablet which will be launching this summer by most accounts.

Microsoft however has stayed out of the hardware side of the tablet business, placing their focus on the operating system that runs a Windows tablet. However, there is a good chance that all of this will change next week with insiders claiming that Microsoft will announce their own tablet on Monday. This announcement is expected to become official on Monday, June 18th at 3:30 local time. Although we may have some insight as to the timing of the event, in terms of the location, this is not clear. The announcement will take place in Los Angeles, but the actual location within the city is unknown at this time.

In getting into the hardware side of the tablet business, Microsoft will for the first time be competing against other tablet manufacturers including Apple. Details of the new Microsoft tablet should become clearer next week, but the speculation is that the device will run on Windows RT which is an ARM compatible version of Windows 8. When you consider that a large portion of the business world uses the Microsoft operating systems to power their enterprises, you have to wonder if the company will have a leg up on the competition when it comes to enticing them to introduce a Windows 8 tablet. Of course, having the Microsoft name is one thing, but the tablet will need to be able to stand up on its own based upon its features.