Sony Tablet P Gets Android 4.0 | Update | Review

Tablets have become a mainstream device and when one thinks of a tablet, for the most part, the vision that comes to mind is a device that has a single touchscreen. There are many companies that now manufacture tablets as part of their offerings and Sony is one such company.

Within their product line-up, Sony does have a unique device on their hand known as the Sony Tablet P. What makes this device distinct from the majority of other devices on the market today is that this tablet has a form factor that is similar to the Nintendo DS with its dual screens. Customers that have purchased this Android tablet will be happy to hear that the most current version of Android or Android 4.0 which is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich is slowly being pushed down to these tablets. It was in April when the company first announced that a handful of markets would start to receive ICS but seeing as how there have been no major issues reported, Sony has elected to expand the roll-out of ICS to even more markets. When you consider that this device does not have the standard single display tablet form factor, customizing Android to ensure that is was bug free for this tablet was an accomplishment.

With Android 4.0, the Sony Tablet P will now enjoy a few new features such as Near Field Communication (NFC) which can be used for data sharing, text to speech as well as the ability to unlock your device using facial scanning technology.