Angry Birds Space Officially Launches and Download Now

There may be a ton of games available in the Angry Birds franchise, but if you’re a hardcore gamer and have completed all the different versions, there’s a new one to challenge you now. This one takes place in outer space and is called Angry Birds Space.

The new Rovio game has launched today and like past games in this franchise, there are a number of different platforms for which this game is available. Regardless of whether you have a Mac, a personal computer, an Android or iOS device, Rovio has you covered. In fact, as part of their launch, there’s also a book and other merchandising which has been made available, ensuring that gamers are fully enveloped in the Angry Birds experience.

With Angry Birds Space edition, there are 60 new levels to challenge yourself with and expect to see game updates being made available as the year progresses. Rovio has also indicated that they will make available in-app purchases that will allow for even more options during game play. The first of the platforms that will receive in-app purchases will be iOS and from there, this feature will be pushed down to Android as well as other platforms.

For fans that have purchased the new iPad with the Retina Display, you will be happy to hear that this game has also been optimized for your screens.

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