$99.99 Nokia Lumia 900 Reaches AT&T On April 8th

There’s been a lot of debate as to when the Nokia Lumia 900 would officially launch and when it does, just how much the Windows phone would cost. Speculation on this subject was quite high, but we’ve finally got an official confirmation through CNET which was tipped by AT&T themselves.

According to the details, AT&T will begin selling the device next month on April 8th at which time it will sell for $99.99 with a two year service plan. Without a doubt, this is an aggressive price point, one that is sure to please Windows phone fans that have been waiting for a reasonably priced device without giving up on the LTE network support. At the time of launch, customers will have an option of buying either a cyan or black model and those that are willing to wait until April 22nd, will also have a third option available, white.

It will be interesting to see just how this device fares amongst consumers once it does launch next month. Generally speaking, feature phones usually retail for $200 with some new LTE handsets going even higher to $300. At $100, the Lumia 900 is significantly lower then the usual launch price of similar devices, but will it be enough to allow Nokia and Microsoft to grow their respective market shares within the United States?