Sequel of Angry Bird : Bad Piggies Created By Rovio | Arriving on 27th Sept Video Review

Angry bird rovio Bad Piggies

Rovio’s upcoming mobile game set to launch later this month i.e. Angry Birds Sequel Bad Piggies Arriving 27th September. Instead of simply churning out another Angry Birds, they've decided to make a game called Bad Piggies that lets you play as the villainous green pigs.

Rovio hasn’t released a ton of information on the game just yet but we do know that this will be a completely new type of game play. Rovio made a name for itself with the popular Angry Birds franchise that first flew onto the scene in December 2009.

The most recent installment, dubbed Angry Birds Space, was downloaded more than 10 million times in just three days en route to becoming the fastest-growing mobile game of all time. Bad Piggies will be the third major game launch for Rovio this year. The teaser video doesn’t show exactly what the new gameplay is, but we’ll find out by September 27 at the latest, when Bad Piggies launches on iOS, Android, and Mac. Other versions coming afterward include Windows Phone, Windows 8 and PC.