RIM 16GB BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet | Review

Like most companies, Canadian based Research In Motion saw the tablet market as a new opportunity for growth, launching a series of PlayBook tablets.
When the devices were first announced, there was a lot of interest in RIM tablets that would interface with the Blackberry, but when these devices finely came on the market, they just didn’t live up to the expectation for many users.

We’ve see RIM try a few different things to try and generate sales including big discounts. Today, RIM has decided that they are going to trim their tablet line-up just a little by eliminating the 16GB model. This means that the only two models that will still be available at this time are the 32GB and the 64GB models.

RIM’s reasoning for phasing out the 16GB model and keeping the two higher end models is because the latter two devices offer “more value” for their customer base. There’s no idea how many 16GB models are still available, but RIM will continue to sell them so long as retailers and distributors have them in supply.

With the official reasoning out of the way now, Engadget offers their own insight as to just why RIM may have elected to eliminate the 16GB model and the reasoning may simply be due to lower profits with this device. What are your thoughts, do you think that we’ll see some additional sales on the 16GB models as retailers try and clear off their remaining supplies and would this be enough to entice you to buy one?