Android 6.0 Is Code Named Key Lime Pie

Google has always had a sense of humor when it comes to their code names for their Android operating system versions which have always been named after a sweet dessert. Historically speaking, Google has also named their operating systems alphabetically.

Although Android 5.0 or Jelly Bean hasn’t been released, nor has it been announced yet, there are already rumors about what the version of Android after this one will be code named. According to the rumors, Google will remain true to their naming convention and Android 6.0 if that is what the number system remains will be known as Key Lime pie. This time, Google has gone with a sweet Florida dessert for their name which comes by way of an anonymous tipster that was in contact with the website The Verge.
As mentioned earlier, we’re still waiting for the skinny on Android 5.0 of which Jelly Bean is the expected name. Though Google has not come out and confirmed this yet, the Mobile World Congress did have a visual aid that all but cemented this name into the minds of attendees. That’s because on the Google table was of course a large bowl of jelly beans. So, now that we know the names or at least what are likely to be the names, the next step will be to see what the features of these operating systems will be.