Rovio Launches Angry Bird Space On March 22nd

The Angry Birds franchise has been a very successful series of games for Rovio and it has enjoyed this success for a number of reasons. Not only are the games simple and addictive to play, but the company has made them available on as many different platforms as possible, thereby ensuring that users can access the games regardless of what device or operating system they are using.

Some users may believe that they have had more then their share of Angry Birds with Angry Birds Rio, Angry Birds Halloween, Angry Birds Seasons, etc., but Rovio thinks the market is due for the next instalment in this franchise.

Known as Angry Birds Space, expect to see the new Rovio game launch on March 22nd and when it does, it will share the trait of past games in that it will be available on a variety of platforms. As the name suggest, Rovio’s next game takes place in outer space. That much was quite clear, but further details of Angry Birds Space is not as clear with Rovio keeping full details close to their sleeve until launch time. Some of the things that we can expect however is for the challenges to take into account the weightlessness of space and the birds having the ability to warp the time space continuum in some way. As we approach the launch date, it is expected that Rovio will release further details of the game and accompany this with a mass advertising campaign.