iPhone 4 Antenna Class Action Lawsuit Finished

As much as Apple might want all of the attention squarely focussed on their latest iPhone model, the iPhone 4s, Cupertino is still unable to move beyond their earlier model, the iPhone 4.

If you own an iPhone 4, you will probably be aware of the fiasco Apple had on its hands shortly after the release of this model with users complaining of poor signal strength when the smartphone was held in a certain position.

The reason for this was because the iPhone operators fingers were covering the antenna. At first, Apple denied the problem ever existed and this was followed by claims that users were not using the phone correctly. In the end, Apple did come out and offer a free bumper case to anyone that had experienced this issue.

Today, it would seem that Antennagate is now done and over with with a class action lawsuit against the company resulting in iPhone 4 owners being awarded either a protective case or alternatively $15 in cash compensation. According to the judge’s ruling, Apple was found guilty of withholding the antenna problem from Apple fans in all of their promotional materials. As such, iPhone 4 customers will be eligible for compensation and can expect an email from Apple in this regards. Alternatively, users can also go to the iPhone4settlement.com website for further details, though this site is not live at the moment.