No Netflix For BlackBerry Playbook Tablet

Research In Motion has enough challenges ahead of itself right now as it struggles to regain market share that it has lost to the various mobile operating systems including the front runners, Google’s Android OS and Apple’s iOS.

In order to gain some of this market share, it is evident that the company will need to offer comparable features and services that are seen on the other operating systems and one of these is Netflix. Recently, a Blackberry user approached Netflix by way of their Twitter support account inquiring about the possibility of a Netflix app but this does not appear to be in the immediate plans for the company. Of course, there is quite a buzz stirring about this seeing as how Netflix is one of the more popular digital video streaming services available and although the BlackBerry Playbook tablet may not have the same market share as an iPad or an Android tablet, it does still having a following.

This of course is just another blow to Research In Motion, a company that it trying to show customers that it has an active developer community which is working on new apps, but still, there are a number of big holes that RIM needs to address. These include a lack of apps for Kindle, Yelp, Hulu, Spotify and now Netflix.
As it stands now, there is no Netflix app for the Playbook tablet, but as we all know, things are always fluid and can change. Officially, the response from the Netflix Twitter account was that there are no “current plans”, but often that means that the company has nothing to report today.