Under 1M Google TV Devices In Use

Google may have a number of successful product launches, but like any company, not all of their offerings are successful. Take for instance Google TV, a device that the company had high hopes for, but so far, these hopes just haven’t panned out.

The reasons why this device did not gain traction within the marketplace may not have been entirely Google’s fault. In fact, some of the challenges that the search engine giant faced had to do with distribution rights. For instance, streaming digital network TV content as well as Hulu was blocked and these are two of the more popular services that TV fans are looking for. Aside from this, some of the other challenges that Google TV faced may have experienced were due to the software itself as well as the hardware components such as the Logitech Revue.

All of these challenges of course impacted the market penetration of the set top boxes and based upon the information that is available, it would seem then less then 1 million units are currently in use. More then half a million of the devices that are out there are the Logitech Revue and this is understandable considering that they were an early adopter of the Google TV standard. Although Google has never officially come out with any numbers regarding the number of units that have been sold, the one million number being offered has been estimated using information from the Android Market itself.

Within the market, there is some information that highlights the number of devices that are making use of a given application and it is from this that the 1M number is drawn from. This number refers to the number of installs of the TV and Movies app and the only ones that would use this app are Google TV users.