Google’s Android Glasses Arrive This Year

Late last year, there was an inkling that Google was working on a set of Heads-Up Display Glasses and that a prototype was currently undergoing evaluation. At the time, details about Google’s latest endeavor were not clear and although details are still sketchy, it would seem that Google is on track to release their latest gadget by the end of this year.

The HUD glasses will be available for purchase much later in the year and customers can expect to pay anywhere between $250-$600. As the story goes, a working prototype was ready for testing by the end of December and apparently, a tipster that reported into the 9to5Google blog has already seen a functional set. As previously reported, these glasses have a form factor that is reminiscent of the Oakley’s Thump glasses, but this is where the similarity ends as these are not reading glasses, but rather a device that functions more like a mobile phone. Being a Google product, you can bet that the device will run on the Android operating system and it will also make use of the search engine’s cloud based location services, detailing this information on the AR display.

It’s also been reported that there will be an adjustment process that will take place with new customers needing to become familiar with how to work these glasses, but once this initial learning curve is done, it should become second nature with navigation taking place by tilting your head. Like a smartphone, expect to see these HUD glasses come with storage space, a processor, RAM, GPS as well as either a 3G or 4G network connection.