The Simplest Way To Remote Control Your PC Anywhere On Your Android Device

Now you can bring along your home PC anywhere as long as you have your Android device with you (and a Data Plan of course).

The applications are limitless. I use it to:
  • Surf websites that needs Java plugin (e.g. online movie ticket booking)
  • Monitor my Torrent downloads
  • Send a file from my home PC to my office email (life saver!)
  • etc...
You just need to install TeamViewer for PC, download this free app and you're good to go!
I tried this app using Edge connection and it's quite usable. Though 3G or higher connection is recommended to have a smooth experience :) Try setting quality to 'Optimize speed' in the settings if your internet is slow.
PS: Make sure you have a data plan because normal mobile internet charges apply when using this app.