Free Download Google Opinion Rewards Android App | Get Paid for Surveys

Google Opinion Rewards Android App

How your thoughts are valuable to Google, Google just launched its new app called 'Google Opinion Rewards'. Google is willing to pay you for compeleting survey forms through their app.

This would be an interesting app for you, from which you'll get Google Play credit. You can spend earned credits by purchasing any paid app, game, movie, book, and video. Unfortunatly, the app is available in U.S country only.

The Surveys are expected on weekly basis and some of them will be free. Under the surveys, maximum of 10 questions to be answered and it takes you one or two minutes in completing the form. As always, there are yes/no and multiple choice questions in the opinion which you can solve easily.

If you're interested in making some money to purchase apps from Google Play Store, just download Google Opinion Rewards app now. For more details below video will help you out.