Samsung T9000 Android OS based Refrigerator | CES 2013 Video | Review Features

Samsung T9000 Android based Refrigerator

Samsung electronics ltd. bring some technology to gadgets like Refrigerators. The new Samsung T9000 Refrigerator which can run calender, wheather app and connects with most popular Evernote android app.

The Samsung T9000 Refrigerator comes with a large LCD display running the Android operating system. However, it cannot be used to install generic Android apps so you won’t be able to play Angry Birds on your Refrigerator. However, it comes with a range of pre-installed apps that deliver useful services.

Perhaps the most interesting thing is the support for Evernote, the popular note taking and sharing app for iOS and Android OS. Evernote enables you to create notes, complete with web clips, photos, URLs, images, movies and so on, and sync them with any other device running Evernote. This, presumably, will now include your Refrigerator.

The T9000 is a pretty high-class fridge to boot, it has four compartments: two for a fridge, and one for a freezer. The final compartment can be configured to act as either a fridge, or a freezer.
The T9000 is expected to launch in Spring and Samsung says it will cost somewhere in the region of US$4,000

This seems like rather a lot to spend on a fridge to us, perhaps a better option would be to use a regular Refrigerator and an iPad or other Android console running Evernote. But technological change has to start somewhere, and maybe one day lower cost kitchen devices will also come with LCD displays.