Direct Download Android OS V4.2 | JB Camera, Keyboard For Free

Download Android OS V4.2 JB Camera, Keyboard, Desktop Clock

UPDATE : Android 4.2.2

Android 4.2 takes the speed and simplicity of Jelly Bean to a different level – a completely new camera experience that’s beyond smart, a new form of typing that helps you power through your messages, and much more. Here are the direct links for camera and keyboard version.
Android 4.2 allows devices to enable wireless display. You can share movies, YouTube videos, and anything that’s on your screen on an HDTV. Just connect a wireless display adapter to any HDMI-enabled TV to mirror what’s on your screen quickly and easily. 

Android 4.2 Camera : ↓ 

Here is the latest flashable zip.
It contains all the files :

  • GalleryGoogle.apk [The actual Camera and Gallery]
  • GmsCore.apk [Sphereview]
  • [PhotoEditing in Gallery]
  • [Panorama Photo]
  • [Photosphere]
That make the working/not working list look like this:
  1. Panorama.
  2. Photosphere. (requires gyroscope?)
  3. Photo editing.
  4. Sphereview. 
  5. All ordinary camera/video functions.
  6. Should work on ALL phones.

For gallery to not FC when rendering Sphere shots, change your system language to English (United States).
This will also make Sphereview work!

DOWNLOAD Android 4.2 camera

Android 4.2 Keyboard : ↓

Here is the flashable zip for the 4.2 keyboard as well.

This contains the following files:

  1. LatinImeGoogle.apk [The actual keyboard app]
  2. [I'm not sure what this does :P]
  3. Flash this zip in CWM and it should work.
To uninstall this you'll have to manually delete the files mentioned above.

DOWNLOAD Android 4.2 Keyboard

Android 4.2 Camera&Keyboard : ↓

This is just the two zips above combined into one.

DOWNLOAD Android 4.2 both