Next Generation XBox Has No Disc Drive

Like all devices, Microsoft’s gaming console, the Xbox is due for a refresh and the game of speculation has begun with analysts and fans wondering just what the Redmond company will have in store for the next generation device. Today, we have a new rumor regarding this console which suggest that the new device will transition away from physical media.

Of course, Microsoft has never commented on this fact, so this is still a rumor. Nevertheless, the gaming site MCV has heard from their sources which are close to Microsoft that it is all but a given that the new console will not have a disc drive. In fact, Microsoft has already begun advising their partners about this fact. Although the device will no longer have a disc drive, there will be the ability to make use of solid state technology though it is unclear at this time whether this will be proprietary technology developed by Microsoft or if the company will go with current off the shelf technology.
This will be quite a transition for gamers who have been so accustomed to buying the latest and greatest game on a disc. In fact, every year, gamers spend billions on game CDs, despite the fact that companies have been pushing users towards digital downloads for years now. What are your thoughts, is Microsoft pushing to hard for this technology to take hold or do you feel that the market is now ready for it?