TypeWay: iPad on-screen keyboard that adjusts to your hands

Using on-screen keyboard on your tablet can be such a hassle sometimes, because different users have different finger size and typing habits, but luckily, there’s an on-screen keyboard for your iPad that adapts to your fingers and to your typing habits.

TypeWay is on-screen keyboard app for iPad that offers 10 fingered typing, and it also adjusts to your hands according to your typing habits. TypeWay adjusts the keyboard layout according to your hand size and your hand position, and after you’ve found the proper keyboard layout for your hands you can “freeze” the keyboard and save the layout for future use. Although your custom keyboard layout might not look symmetrical and pretty, it should be fully adjusted for your hands, allowing you to use all ten fingers while typing.
If you have trouble with your on-screen keyboard on your iPad, TypeWay is available on iTunes App Store for $5.99, so make sure that you check it out.