The Simplest (And Most Creative) Way To Hide Your Private Pictures And Videos In iPhone

This app disguises as a working calculator in your iPhone dashboard. (See below screenshot) However if you type in the secret number combination, you'll be able to access your private pictures and videos!
Features include:

  • Ability to transfer photo/video from your iPhone camera roll instantly.
  • Wifi transfer of any picture/video from your computer to your iPhone without using any cable. (See Wifi Transfer Guide below)
  • Even full length movies can be stored in this app. (must be converted to iPhone supported format though)
Wifi Transfer Guide
1) First, download SyncDocs (Mac/Windows) and extract it anywhere. Double click on SyncDocs-0.6.7.jar to launch the program. (If you can't run it, please read here)
2) Drag any picture/video into the newly opened window to add it into the sync list.
3) Make sure your iPhone and Computer are connected to the same Wifi network.
4) Open Spy Calc in your iPhone. Go to  'Sync Media' -> 'local' -> 'SyncDocs' and to start the transfer!