HTC Trophy | Specification | Price | Review

Much has been said about the Windows Phones since its launch and the pre-launch conjectures had filled up more Google pages than you can imagine! The new HTC Trophy smartphone is launched as part of the WP7 family in October 2010.

The HTC Trophy is a user-friendly smartphone that fares well against basic smartphone offerings. It is like your girl next door! Not too slim or light, but nicely small with a 3.8-inch, 800-by-480 16M-color TFT LCD capacitive touch screen. This average black slab looks better outdoors and has a better screen sharpness than larger smartphones since the physical area of the screen over which the pixels are distributed is smaller. The soft-touch black plastic back of the phone is cumbersome due to the presence of the 5- megapixel camera (with flash), so you have to live with that metal bulge. Plus the media capturing is not to be boasted about. Blurry picture (due to autofocus not locking properly) and too much sensitiveness to light cause this feature to be half-baked. As for video recording, Trophy is good for shooting 640 x 480 video at 30 frames per second outdoors, everything else comes out at a much less than desirable level.

The voice and sound system of this smartphone are better than most of its sisters and the earphones and speakers are of commendable quality. While HTC Trophy does offer you voice dialing on your Bluetooth Headset, any other voice commands are unavailable. Although music can be played on Bluetooth headphones, video watching would require wired headsets since video sound streaming is not done over Bluetooth.  Battery life also leaves some standards to be desired since average battery life clocks at 5 hours of talk time with less than 24 hours in standby time – that statistic in itself is not a good reckoner in today’s era.  

Being a 3G phone and Wi-fi accessible, internet connection commences at close to a speed of 1 Mbps. While it does not support Skype Mobile and does not act as a modem for your laptop, priced at a comfortable INR 7000, it does make an attractive choice for entry-level users.

And the OS comes in as simple a form as they can get! It isafter all a Windows Phone! So at the risk of sounding repetitive, let me again enumerate. WP7 comes with a home screen that can be scrolled to choose your desired tile and you can enter a hub of activities through each of these modifiable live tiles. Currently with 18000 installed apps and another 500 more features in the next upgrade, the choices are plenty to say the least.

Now let me tell you why this phone exists! It’s a Gamer’s phone. With an array of intelligently developed games elsewhere unavailable and simple but fun to play, these games are as good they can get. And yes, office integration is terrific with Word, Powerpoint, Excel and Exchange server. Facebook and Twitter (third party) are also well integrated. While Bing takes care of the mapping experience with easy GPS tracking but maps comparatively inaccurate than Google, Web browser is good to use but without Flash. Multimedia support is through Zune Media Player and matches ones expectation. Trophy comes pre- uploaded with Netflix, Slacker and one can download Pandora, YouTube, and SlingPlayer apps as well.

In a nutshell, if you want a Windows Phone as an upgrade over your Blackberry or want to buy your first smartphone, HTC Trophy should be your pick.