Firefox 10 now available for download, has a disappearing act in-store for you

Firefox 10 is now available for download. Since we already know the UI uplift of the browser will begin with version 12, most things are under the hood this time around. Among other things it adds a disappearing forward button, which only appears once you have used the back button. Now for the less important stuff, you get a code inspector baked into Firefox akin to webkit’s “Inspect Element” and Microsoft’s “Developer Tools”.  Keep reading past the break to see the working of the developers tools.

Firefox 10 also comes with new API’s that provide for full-screen viewing of web apps, anti-aliased WebGL graphics and 3D CSS Transitions. But everything is not hunky-dory, a glitch exists that makes scrolling in GMail slow and videos misbehave in Silverlight plugin on OSX. Mozilla has stated this will be fixed in a later update. Here are the download links.
Download: Windows | Mac | Linux