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World's first flexible OLED smartphone Display unveiled by Samsung | Review Specifications

Samsung OLED Flexible Display

Samsung unveiled the world's first flexible screen smartphone. The screen is stretch up-to the right edge of the body. Edge screen of this mobile is slightly tilted over 45 degrees. This mobile is still unnamed and officials says it's just a prototype. I think this phone can display notifications on the edge. For example, while playing games in normal Android mobile phone you can't see the notification like message, e-mail and other stuffs. This extra screen will be helpful to see those things. It is a demo mobile and so the price is not available.

Full specification of this mobile is not available. Samsung staff released only limited specification.
  • 5-inch OLED wide screen.
  • aspect ratio of 16:9.
  • 720p HD screen resolution.
They placed this mobile in CES 2013 just for demo. This Mobile have Windows Phone operating system. Currently Samsung is working on a new OS "Sailfish". I think Samsung use Sailfish OS in their flexible type mobiles.

Flexible screen uses OLED technology and will be very thin. This kind of displays were made up of plastics and metal foil allowing to bend. Glass is not present in this type of display and so it won't break. This type of screens have advantages like lighter, thinner and shatterproof. 

Flexible display face problems like shorter lifetime. The ions present in the flexible display works only for 5 years. You can't view clearly under direct sunlight. Water damages this kind of display easily. But soon there will be water resistant displays.