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ARM-Based 3 GHz Processor | Release Date | Made by TSMC GlobalFoundaries | Features | Review

ARM-Based 3 GHz Processor

We already see ARM-based mobile processor chips that power your smartphones such as Galaxy S4 which is faster and powerful, but ARM-based new chip coming out next year 2014. Taiwan Semiconductor (TSMC) and GlobalFoundries both are working on a 20nm chip for their next generation first 3.0GHz ARM-based mobile processor.

That should allow for ARM-based chips that run at clock speed of 3 GHz while it consume less power than 28nm chips. Now a days, the speed of 2.3 GHz can be achived at 28nm, making it the fastest mobile processor where it sees in Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4i processors.


  • It consume 25% less power than todays 2.3 GHz processor.
  • 30% faster clock speed.
  • Small in Size.

What is 5G? | 5th Generation Technology | 5G Mobile Network | Features

5th Generation Technology


Firstly, I introduce you to 5G or 5th Generation Mobile Network or 5th Generation wireless network technology. 5G technology is the advanced version of 4G-LTE network. The current standard 4G allows customers to browse the Internet, streaming videos, download data and lots of things from today's smartphones.

In today's world, Cell phone (mobile) users are more, and increasing faster than computer users, because mobile users have much awareness of mobile technology. The new generation of 5G standards may be launched till 2020, 5G technology will provide same abilities to customers as provided by 4G, but the main defference is speed.

Objective of research for 5G technology is expected to provide more than 1 Gbps of Internet speed with special attributes like lower battery consumption, high bit rates in larger portions with better coverage area, lower tariffs, multiple users etc.


  • 5G technology offer transporter class gateway with unparalleled consistency.
  • 5G technology provide up to 1Gbps connection speed.
  • 5G technology can support up to 65,000 connections and virtual private network also.
  • The Uploading and Download speed under 5G network touch the peak and provide more accurate statistics.
  • 5G technology is more affordable or cheapest than 4G technology.

Graphite Created From Cellulose | Flexible Polymer Circuit | Cellulose Paper | Cellulose Fibers

Researchers Succeeded In Creating Graphite From Cellulose

Cellulose Paper

The team at Germany’s Max Planck Institute has developed a new method for selectively changing paper itself into conductive graphite. These paper circuits can resist the high temperatures used in the production of electronics (unlike polymer-based flexible circuits).

Scientists print their target designs onto ordinary paper using an ordinary inkjet printer loaded with a cartridge of an iron nitrate catalyst; when the paper is heated to 800°C (1,472°F) in an oxygen-free environment, the catalyst changes the composition of the paper’s cellulose fibers into pure conductive graphite, while the unprinted paper remains unchanged.

The resulting “carbon electronics” was selectively conductive by electroplating the paper with copper; only the printed design became copper-coated. They also showed how to make a 3D conductive structure by exposing an origami paper crane to the same catalytic process.