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Google Plus Hangouts iOS App | Updated Version 1.1.1 | New Features

Hangouts iOS App

Google has updated Google+ Hangouts app for iOS version 1.1.1 features improved iOS 6 support and now available at iTunes. Recently released iOS app now have ability to send and click URLs within the app, supporting to invite friends via. SMS and much more features.

In bug fixes, fixes for "network connection bar weirdness" this also includes improvements badge counting behaviour.


  • Invite friends to chat session on Hangouts via SMS.
  • Support for Sending and Clicking links within app.
  • In-app sounds when message recieved.
  • Improvement in badge count behaviour.
  • Address network connection bar weirdness.
  • Support for iOS 6.0

Apple iOS 7 Featured Flat And Black And White | Release Date | Features | Redesigned iOS 7 | Upcoming iPhone OS

Apple IOS 7 Featured Flat And Black And White | Release Date | Features | Redesigned IOS 7 | Upcoming iPhone OS

Apple's iOS 7 is coming, and the iPhone is getting a complete deign overhaul, or so the rumors go. The main words used to describe the iPhone's new look are "black, white, and flat," according to 9to5 Mac, which again has a whopper of a report on what the new software powering the iPhone will look like.

Gurman's sources confirm recent reports that iOS will have a "flatter" look to it and tweak the way several key apps like Calendar, Notes, and Game Center look. It's not surprising that big changes are coming to iOS 7.
We expected that ever since it was revealed that Scott Forstall, former senior vice president of iOS software, is out and senior vice president of industrial design Jony Ive — who heavily draws inspiration from German industrial designer Dieter Rams and his functionalist approach to things — is running Apple's human interface team.

"Ive stated that software designs filled with physical metaphors do not stand the test of time," 9to5Mac reported. Indeed, in its current state, iOS is filled with examples of visual metaphors.

Round buttons will replace the grid for security code input, and notifications might get more useful thanks to expanded interactivity options made possible through multi-touch gestures.

Notifications in general will get some changes, ditching the linen texture background per the report in favor of something more black and white. More widgets are on their way to Notification Center, too, and we could see access included to regularly-accessed settings, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and the Airplane Mode switch, a re-designed lock screen, new widgets (think: Weather and Stocks apps) and easier ways to access them.

Expect an iOS 7 release date to arrive for the public later this year, Aside from Apple confirming the iOS 7 release date for a September launch.